Terms & Conditions

Still Gorgeous act's as an agent for your unwanted items of clothing.  We will be selling these items on your behalf and share the profits at 50-50 Commission.

All items shall be priced by the Still Gorgeous team with the client’s consent

Only genuine branded items will be accepted. No fakes please. Designer items are most welcome, as are some high street brands - please talk to us to get a better understanding

Once we have accepted the items for re-sale, we will take them for up to 12 weeks to market them on our online facility. If your items sell you will get a 50% from the sale value.  I would please ask you to be accountable for your items and progress, and from time to time get in contact to enquire. If time has lapsed over 4 month period from drop off.  The clothes would have been donated to charity, if after 6months the monies owed is not collected this will be moved into another account if longer than 12months the accounts for the  'tax years end' would have been finalised and I am not obligated to pay out after this time has lapsed.

All items must be less than two years old, in season and in perfect condition, dry cleaned or newly laundered

Please get in-contact so I can meet with you are your home ideally to set you up with an account

Many thanks the Still Gorgeous