Selling with us

Selling with Still Gorgeous is really simple.  Make sure your items are 'hanger ready'; washed and ironed.  Check for any marks or imperfections on the items, always ask yourself if you would buy them. Please make a appointment, don't just Come into the shop with your items.  I take in by appointment on Tuesday's & Thursday's ONLY.

We will ask you for your details and set you up with an account by your Initials and date of joining.

The items will stay with Still Gorgeous for between 8-12 weeks.  We may choose to sell your items either in the shop or online.  We will provide you with an 'out date' please make a note of this date as we have so many sellers we are unable to contact each one directly.  Any items which haven't sold will need collecting within 2 weeks of this out date (please telephone us first to arrange collection).  Any items not collected will be sent to charity after this 2 week period, we are a small shop and have limited storage space.  We do support Yorkshire Cancer Research and Air Ambulance.

How do we pay you?  We price the items approximately a third of what you would have bought them at.  New items will be priced approximately 50-70%.  We then do a 50:50 split on what the item sells for. Please take ownership & call us from time to time to check your status - we have so many clients and cannot call to let you know what was sold etc

Payments can be arranged either by bank transfer or cash if you wish, but I don't hold much cash on a daily basis.  Ideally payments paid out mid month.

Sometimes we may do sales or promotional offers in which case the items maybe sold for slightly less & to make a sell happen I may offer £5 off that's £2.50 hit to each of us!! Retail is not the same as it used to be - somewhat a challenge at times.

What do we take?  We take most designer brands and high end high street.  We don't take M&S (exception per una or autograph) Gap/Next/ Primark/supermarket brands and hand made items. Please call or email to get a better understanding.

We are seasonal, and generally will be taking Spring clothes from February, Summer from after the Easter Holidays, Autumn from September and Winter from October.

There can be occasions where we have to stop taking in stock temporarily, due to us receiving so much.  So please contact us either by email, Facebook or telephone to check we are taking in stock before you head over.  Many thanks.  Still Gorgeous Team x