About Us

Hi my name is Carolyn, and I am the owner of Still Gorgeous, a retail outlet in Harrogate selling quality, high-end, pre-owned, brand-name clothing for children, and shortly for women too. The business has been running for 7 years from our small shop in the lovely Cold Bath Road, near the centre of town.

I am originally from Easingwold a town near York – not far from Harrogate. My family and I have just moved back home to Yorkshire after having lived overseas for the last 12 years, where I ran a small retail gift business. My two daughters are older now, 16yrs and 17yrs – but having enjoyed dressing them and buying for them over the years, they are now very independent in their choice of clothing and seem to often buy online themselves now….. hence this web portal for Still Goregous to enable you to purchase online!

I am very keen on recycling and this applies to clothes as well and I have never been adverse to buying a pre-loved item for myself or indeed my daughters in the past.

I see this concept of selling and buying ones no longer wanted items as a win-win factor for all concerned: Still Gorgeous providing a service for the client (owner of the item) to recoup some money back and the customer (buyer of the item) receiving a quality item of clothing, hardly worn in good condition, and at a fraction of the cost that it would be when buying from the high-end brand shops. And “we” all help reduce waste and the environment at the same time.

Still Gorgeous is quite selective in the items that it will accept for sale in the shop and therefore online, and only clothing in excellent condition from famous prestigious brands will be stocked. We will suggest that items of clothing that do not meet these requirements are given to charity shops, while we will also suggest the same for un-sold items that do not sell via Still Gorgeous – although we will of course give the client the option of having them back…

Our Aim is to inspire you whilst you browse this website, to make the experience of buying pre-owned fashion fun but easy at the same time. Trust and Quality are our main areas of focus, we are passionate about our wardrobe items that are shown here online as well as the many others that are in store (waiting to be listed online). Why not make some much-needed space in your wardrobe by selling your fashion items in Still Gorgeous and its’ online portal? We are always looking for new stock and with the addition of Women’s Clothing in the New Year in 2018 we are ready and waiting to serve!

This Online portal also opens up the facility of Still Gorgeous to a much larger geographical audience than just the North Yorkshire area surrounding Harrogate. If it is as successful as we hope it will be, then we will be looking to open other Still Gorgeous outlets further afield to enhance the Still Gorgeous service, especially with respect to handling, receiving and checking quality of clothing for all concerned.

Please spread the word, feedback most welcome.

If you have any questions about the service, how it works, how you can sell your clothes via Still Gorgeous (even if you are far away from Harrogate), or for example the returns policy (especially for goods bought online), then please do not hesitate to contact me or pop in the store on Cold Bath Road.

Happy shopping!!

C x