Meet the Team!

Spring is in the air today!

The sun is shining and the ladies at ladies at Still Gorgeous are always here to help and be your personal shoppers…

The New Collection for Spring is coming in fast, we’ve some absolutely beautiful garments from some amazing designers.

Mini Leather skirt from Alexander McQueen as an example…size 10 and a snip at  only £49

Perfect for spring - boyfriend shirt dresses. We have a number of different ones in already and a big hit in the fashion right now!

Toast orange dress £26, size 14. It just needs a belt, big cardigan and some sunshine! 

What about snake skin dress from Michael Kors…new in this week, size Medium and just £49


Meet the Team


Carolyn (in the middle)

The owner, entrepreneur and just a lovely lady! A bit off the wall at times, but intent on making the world aware of the preloved revolution! 

Judith (to the left)

The window dresser, the sales champion and the all round book of knowledge on anything designer.

Rachael (to the right)

The IT lady. The one behind the computer screen, uploading stock on to our website and the one implementing another new procedure! We’ll get there, I promise! 


Winter Collection Returns

We are needing more space in our stock room as the seasons are changing over. If you have brought in winter stock, it is now time to make an appointment to pick up your profits and any remaining garments we may have.

It is really important this is finalised as any uncollected items will be passed on to our designated charity, as per our Terms and Conditions, if we have not been informed otherwise of your wishes. 

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